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Being in the Name

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Oftentimes we end our prayers by saying, "in the Name of Jesus, Amen."

Some say that because it's a magic formula stemming from Jesus' own words, "You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it." (John 14:14) So they tag that footnote onto their prayers like a king might press his ring into a blob of wax when sealing an envelope.

Others perhaps end their prayers with the phrase, "in Jesus' Name" to clarify or distinguish the petition and petitioner from all the other petitions and petitioners out there, which, when recognized by the Father, have a sure chance of being successful. Like the story of a bum on the street who approaches a business man and asks him for a meal. At first the businessman is appalled and embarrassed of such an encounter but at once softens when the bum says, "But I'm asking this of you because I know your son."

Recently I've been struck with a deeper meaning of what it means to pray "in the Name of Jesus" and it's helped me to pray with more understanding, authority and gravitas.

Praying "in the Name of Jesus" and praying in the Name of Jesus are two different things.

Praying "in the Name of Jesus" is like calling down (or claiming) a final bit of assurance on the prayer. Praying in the Name of Jesus is much different than that. It refers to ones' location, status, and authority under Christ.

We who are engaged in a 24/7 relationship with God, having been set aside and baptized into the the Name of Jesus and involved in a living loving relationship with our heavenly Father in and through the power of the Holy Spirit ... well, I would say pretty everything we do (including prayer) would be "in the Name of Jesus," wouldn't ya think?

I would even dare to suggest that we are, by default, already relationally located (a geographical term denoting position, not claim) "in the Name of Jesus," just by virtue of who we are as the redeemed. Are we not?

This is the truth of what it means to pray in the Name of Jesus. We need not call down incantations to secure the outcome of our prayers. We reside within the incantation, if you will, within the One from whom all blessings flow. Once we get that, the confidence wherein we approach the throne of grace, and the faith wherein our prayers are offered, will be changed dramatically.

In his Name is the grace wherein we stand.

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