Spiritual Pilgrimages with an emphasis on Christian growth and ministry in the Holy Land. Egypt, Jordan, and Israel are destinations of adventure with fragrances that foster an understanding of the ancient cultures with our relationship with Jesus Christ.

In Brief

  • Tours are no less than 10 days

  • COVID safe arrangements are at the top of our list

  • Worship times and devotional teachings along the way

  • Groups from 8 - 18 are best

Customized to Your Church

I work with a travel company that covers everything from olives to baklava with unique distinction and professionalism. In person promotions are available as well.

Contact me for a sample itinerary.

Petra, Jordan

March around Zion, encircle her,
count her towers,
consider her ramparts, tour her citadels,
that you may tell the next generation.

Psalm 48:12 & 13