Spiritual Pilgrimages with an emphasis on Christian growth and ministry in the Holy Land -  Egypt, Jordan, and Israel are destinations of adventure with fragrances that foster an understanding of the ancient cultures with our relationship with Jesus Christ.

In Brief

  • Tours are no less than 10 days

  • COVID safe arrangements are at the top of the list

  • Worship times and devotional teachings along the way

  • Groups from 8 - 18 

Completely Customized  

I work with a travel company that covers everything from olives to baklava with unique distinction in safety and professionalism. In person promotions with me promoting the trips in your neck of the woods - are available as well.

Church of All Nations, Jerusalem (Left)

Here's a video collage of pictures taken on the Israel: From Dan to Beersheba II tour.


Israel: Dan to Beersheba "zoomformational" meeting from July 3. This will help you discern if this trip is for you.



Ker & Downey is a leading travel design company dedicated to crafting individually-inspired travel experiences. They engage our clients through personal discussion, applying our incomparable expertise to create journeys that become a unique reflection of the individual traveler. Their passion for excellence ensures every journey will be seamless and worry-free, enabling the traveler to discover, be inspired, and come to know the culture of a destination.

Ker & Downey continues to receive awards (national and international) for their expertise and will be behind the scenes every step of Israel: Dan to Beersheba III. Discover more about their company, and what makes them tick, on their website




(Example itineraries are from previous trips and do not reflect the future pricing.)

Spiritual Pilgrimage  | Spring 2022

Dan to Beersheba

A tour spanning the country of Israel with stays in quaint guesthouses, and extended times for personal reflection, worship, and hearing God at sacred sites.  

Study Tour | Spring 2023

The Life and World of Jesus

A study tour assimilating Biblical history of the Hebrew Scriptures and New Testament, theology, culture, and Messiah Christ.

Spiritual Pilgrimage  | Custom Dates

Holy Infancy Tour

A unique opportunity to travel the way of the Holy Family up the Nile River and into Cairo. 

Add On Tours  |  Off the Beaten Path

Jordan & Egypt

Explore Mt. Nebo, Petra, Little Petra, Wadi Rum, and Mt. Katrina (Sinai) on an exclusive add-on tour. 

March around Zion, encircle her,
count her towers,
consider her ramparts, tour her citadels,
that you may tell the next generation.

Psalm 48:12 & 13