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About Me

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I currently serve as an Anglican priest in the Anglican Diocese of New England, sharing the love of God in a balanced triad of traditional, evangelical, and charismatic ways -- a clean reflection of who I am in Christ.

Before surrendering to Christ,

I was hopeless hippie, riding along the backwash of the Jesus Revolution. After multiple avoidances, I surrendered to God's will for me on a stormy beach in Central Florida at 2:00 am, All Saint's Eve. 


That happened in the late '70's. From youth ministry to street ministry, international missions to renewal conferences, songwriting to the priesthood - it's all been on big "thank you, Lord!" It hasn't always been easy, but in the words of the late great Larry Norman, 


I've been knocked down, kicked around
But like a moth drawn to the flame
Here I am, talkin' 'bout Jesus just the same.

Shot Down

I am a father of two adult children (with grandkids), husband of a super spouse, and find the greatest joy in watching the Father transform lives through the Spirit into followers of Jesus. 

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