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About Me

I am an Anglican priest in the Anglican DIocese of New England. We are the perfect combination of traditional, evangelical, and charismatic theologies -- a clean reflection of my walk with God.


Having grown up in the Episcopal tradition, I am continually learning the depths of the Faith through reading Early Church literature. The ancient words ground me and liturgy can be majestic, breathable, and prophetic.


I have a simple story: converted on a beach and coming in with a bible in one hand and a guitar in another. I've been broken, healed, high and low, humbled and  graced - and through it all my relationship through Jesus Christ (in his Life, death and resurrection) have been the anchor in my heart.


Having been heavily influenced by J. Wimber my life has always been about being about the ministry of the Holy Spirit in a naturally supernatural way. His ministry is very much still alive today (which we desperately need). Where would we be without the experiential love of God as poured out through the Person of the Holy Spirit?