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What He Sees in Me

Ever wonder what Jesus sees in you -through the inconsistencies, broken vows, returning to sin, getting up, falling down, and getting up again?

The eyes of Jesus see far beyond all that. Like a skater coach who sees the mark of an athlete skater, he already sees who he is transforming you into. From his point of view, you've already arrived. That's why when we fall on the ice he is non-judging, always encouraging, and always disciplining us with love and a view towards fulfillment (as opposed to disciplining us in disappointment with a view towards perfection.

When I read about Peter - his extreme swinging from left to right - and Jesus' response to him, I marvel. All the while when Peter is committing and denying his Lord, Jesus must be looking at him thinking, "O Lord, why?" But not in a punitive way. I think in his humanity, Jesus was just as curious by God's choice of him as any of us might be. In his love for Peter (and his love for us) he wasn't swayed either way when Peter was swaying either way. He didn't question the call on Peter's life, wondering if he had made a terrible mistake in calling him because he was such a bafoon. He hung in there, marveling in the transformation of who he was becoming, of who he was always meant to be.

And sure enough it happened. It really came together for him after he was filled with the Holy Spirit.

And while the residue of the old man leaked out from time to time, he became the very person that Jesus discerned before he ever really knew him; a rock. Steady. Grown up. Peter became a man of wisdom who was then actually able to look back on his inconsistencies, his denials, and his restitution and then speak those lessons to those around him, to those who were in the same place he used to be, with an eye on their potential in love, not their present day foibles.

Father God, your see far deeper than I can see. You are not easily distracted by my foibles, inconsistencies, continued repentance, and broken promises. You see much deeper than that, into the person already reigning with you in heaven. May your Spirit continually transform me into to coincide with that person so on that great and glorious Day, we would be one.

And allow me, as I grow in the Faith, to speak into others - saved or unsaved - with the authority and wisdom of my foibles, too - to nurture those around me in the love of God, not being easily distracted by their inconsistencies but allowing your love to transform them, through me, through the demeanor of Christ in me, into the men and women you have preordained them to become. In the Name of Jesus I pray. Amen.

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