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... I am giving you this command in keeping with the prophecies once made about you... 1 Timothy 1:18

Paul is writing to Timothy specific instructions in accordance to the prophetic words spoken over him. This is intentional. He is not seeking to give him the all in all on being a pastor - how to lead a home group, do a hospital call, plant a church, or create hospitality - only instructions that "fit" what God has already spoken over him.

As instructors we are to mentor our people in accordance to what God is already doing in our people. One mentoring session will look very different than what the Lord is doing in another mentoring session. Paul was intentionally speaking into something that God had planted in accordance with the prophecies spoken over Timothy.

This verse speaks on a number of levels:

  • Prophecy. Prophecies are needed to be given and heard. They provide trajectories of God's plan and insight on how to direct the paths of one's feet.

  • Know Your Sheep. As a mentor, if you know the specifics God has spoken over your mentoree you can hone your discipleship activities into that particular area, or provide resources for such a thing to happen. In other words, if your mentoree has an anointing of evangelism on her, you intentionally provide Biblical examples, modern examples, for her to grow into. Perhaps you study the lives of great evangelists throughout history, bring her into the streets and see what happens when she gets around seekers, and so on. If you can't do that, you find someone who can.

  • Remembrances. Satan seeks to erase what God has written. It is essential to be refreshed (and to refresh others) by calling to mind words, prophecies, and formative experiences that God has given. Once that is remembered, the Spirit's energy is released to either get back into the groove, or step into the thing more deeply.

Timothy was no doubt reminded of the prophetic words spoken over him through Paul. Perhaps it took place in a home group, under a fig tree, or walking along a stoney road in the heat of the day. When he heard that simple phrase, "keeping with the prophecies once made about you," it most likely took him back to that place. And he remembered.

We don't know the specifics of that prophetic word - indeed, he may have had many such encounters - but it probably had something to do with being a pastor or overseer of the church (because Paul moves on and hones his letter about stuff in the church and doesn't mention much of anything else). This must have been completely encouraging for young Timothy - to be reminded of God's call on his life when things in his church were flip-flopping all around. The reminder of God's specific call on one's life is encouraging and gives strength to face the day.

Lord, stir up in me the prophecies spoken over me that I might press in more deeply into your call and purposes for my existence. Bless those who spoke over me, and may I too have the spiritual discernment to speak into the life of others with joy, unction, sincerity and truth. In Jesus. Amen.

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