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There is a Devil

Whenever God did things of salvific nature - things that would bring people into deliverance, redemption, and relationship to him - the devil was always right there seeking to abort His actions.

With Moses it was the slaughtering of babies, with Jesus it was the slaughtering of babies. When Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert, the devil was there. When he revealed the way to Life is actually through death, he had to rebuke the devil in Peter. (Yes, followers of Jesus can be deceived by the devil.) Even at the last supper, when the Lord was initiating Holy Communion, the devil was right there the very table, seething, abiding in Judas Iscariot.

Then why are we so surprised to see the devil alive and well today?

We shouldn't even be afraid to say the word "devil;" afraid only to deny his existence. For that would be the grand deception. No, in the confession of the devil is truth. And truth is a powerful weapon. It's what sets us free.

Many don't like to admit there is a devil fearing they will either encourage more of his activity in their lives, or that it will lead to a lifestyle of witch-hunting, looking for a demon under every tree. Yet a kingdom world-view makes room for the existence of evil, spiritual warfare, and even a place called hell. Each time we shy away, or deny, the admittance of the devil, or choose to call it something else for the sake of political correctness or un-aggravating people we love, we are playing right into the hands of his slimy fingers.

Once we get into the place where we realize his existence and know a bit of his tactics, we become all the more equipped to fight him in the power of the Spirit. It is only then when we truly understand the power of the Cross, the power of the resurrection and the power of Jesus who is Lord over all (including Satan). Conversely, it when Jesus (and his victory over Satan) gets real, too.

Blessed Saviour, thank you that your cross eclipses all those under the earth, on the earth, and above the earth. Forgive me for not taking the devil, and his tactics seriously. And forgive me for trying to fight him in my own power. Open my eyes and empower me to fight the good fight for the expansion of your kingdom. Amen.

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