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Life is in the Pouring Out

I got the call four days before the event.

"Our worship leader fell. She can't do the job. Can you?"

Wow, with a wedding coming up in 10 days I went right to Cinnamon. We were in agreement and within a few days I was heading to CA to lead a gifted group of musicians for four days of worship and praise.

They flew me out. No cost. On the way back our plane blew a tire on take off and after a harrowing 90 minutes of circling around Denver, we landed with fire trucks lining the runaway and were rewarded vouchers for food and additional travel.

So I got back to NH after having eaten well, grown in the Lord, meeting really cool people, having matured and being blessed by the Lord, and free tickets to fly just about anywhere in my hand.

Not bad.

I'm not saying it wasn't a sacrifice. Just that nothin good in the kingdom happens without sacrifice, and sacrifice is usually rewarded with some sort of resurrective component. It's the DNA of how things work.

Dear Jesus, the one who sacrificed all for me, help me to hurt in the giving myself away to others, that I might understand a bit of what you have done for me. And then may your blessing follow, may your grace comfort me in the inconvenience of it all, that when I rise, I will surely aim to spend more of myself on you. Amen.

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