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PT1: How to Share the Gospel Without Being a Nerd

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

Jesus wasn't a nerd. Yet he spent pretty much all his time telling others how wonderful his Father was. What's with that?

What did he say? He told people his Father loved them, that they counted. They hadn’t been marginalized to cast away. (On the contrary they only thing that had been marginalized was their sin, shame, regret, guilt, and unforgiveness.) He had a great message. And it wasn't nerdy. How did he do it?

2000 years later nothing has changed. He is still just as passionate about telling others about his Father, still infusing purpose in human hearts, still rescuing others from the wiles of the devil, and still wooing people into God’s love through his goodness – only difference being is that, this time, he is using you and I to do it.

And we turn it into something nerdy to do.

The whole idea of “sharing God with others” gives some people the heebie-jeebies. I get that. Some of us can spend time in Bible Study, small groups, mentoring relationships, teach Sunday School and all that but when it comes down to acting out on the Spirit’s prompting to the guy pumping gas on the opposite side of the pump … "I just don't feel led," we may say.

But let me say this really clearly: In the real world sharing God’s love is what we do best. It is in our born-again DNA, a natural extension of who we are as a redeemed people. Somehow, someway, we made something so easy and basic to who we are and changed it into something incredibly difficult and complex - hardly reachable outside a seminary education and a Chick Trak.

Yet. as Christ’s body, we have the mind, heartbeat, and soul of Jesus in our very bones and, as such, the continuation of his love is poured out from heaven through us 24/7.

It's just that simple.

Being a "witness" to the yet-to-be saved is something you don't have much control over. Intentional or otherwise, we leak Jesus. An old Phil Keaggy song says it like this, in his song Portrait:

Not only in the words you say

Not only in your deeds confessed

But in the most unconscious way

Is Christ expressed

Is a beatific smile?

A holy light upon your brow?

Oh no, I saw His presence when

You laughed just now

To me twas not the truth you taught

To you so clear to me so dim

But when you came to me

You brought a sense of Him

And from His light He beckons me

And from your lips His love is shed

Til I lose sight of you and see

The Christ instead

Is a beatific smile?

A holy light upon your brow?

Oh no, I saw His presence when

You laughed just now

Phil is writing about far deeper than an evangelical formula, or guilt induced church program for winning others to Christ. Paul writes about in in his second letter to the believers at Corinth:

For we are to God the pleasing aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing.

Another way of saying that is to stop trying, start being who you are in Christ and leave the result to him. An authentic witness is easy. It is not so much about what we do as much as who we are - stuff like laughing, smiling, sharing ups and downs, just doing life may cause more eyebrows to raise to heaven than an entire promotional campaign.

In Part II I'll share some ways that you can share Christ in authentically organic ways - ways almost too easy to be true!


Father God, thank you that you are still rescuing, redeeming, healing, and blessing. Get me in the sweet spot of your activity that I might know your saving joy. In Jesus' Name. Amen

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