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How to Share the Gospel Without Being a Nerd (Part 3)

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

I’ve done it wrong so many times, sharing Christ that is.

I’ve passed out tracks in foreign countries, been involved in evangelistic crusades on the beaches of Central Florida, prayed for strangers aside a “Free Prayer” sign in Boulder Colorado, and so on down the line. While these activities were valid, they bore little fruit. And it wasn't  because they were bad activities. It was that I was so intent on converting others that I forgot the meaning behind it all. 

Praise the Lord I’ve learned a lot since then. I still do these same things but this time its different. I am no longer tied to a program, or compelled by a quota. I have learned to love people like Jesus did.

Here are some things I’ve worked through when it comes to sharing Christ:

I am not the Saviour.It is not up to me to save everybody in the world. Truth be known, he is much more concerned for the spiritual well-being of that neighbor or loved one than I will ever be. I am a tiny cog a great big machine.

I don't need to tell everyone I see about Jesus. It is not up to me to witness to everyone I see. Jesus didn’t. Where do I get off on thinking that I have to?

God is bigger than my sin.If people see me foil and fumble as a Christian (morally, ethically, or in behavior), God’s credibility remains untarnished. Indeed, how I handle forgiveness, restoration, and getting back on my feet may be a greater witness to Life than my screw up was to death.

Different strokes for different folks. You and I are uniquely wired to speak into the hearts of a particular breed of people. If someone doesn’t get it through me, they’ll get it through you, or someone else. Artists tend to click with artists, left-brainers tend to click with the same. Don’t get hung up over someone you can't reach. When we do that it clogs the love flow from the Father.

Be authentic. If you don't do that at home, don’t be that way sharing Jesus.

Same Seed | Different Soils.  The hearts of others are all over the map. Some have been meticulously groomed salvation, others will never be saved. That’s okay. It's not your problem. Share your say and leave the results to God. Once I met a man who was so hard-hearted that I actually heard the Lord say, "Don't tell him." Another time I met a woman whom I said very little to and, at her pleading, brought her to a pastor who led her to the Lord on the spot. The seed will never change, but the soil always will. Some need a light-hearted reminder they are not alone in the universe; others need a strong exhortation to knock them off their horse. Some need a raindrop; others need miracle grow. 

Just say what God’s saying and leave it at that. Ask God for the grace to discern and say what he wants you to say (prophetically) when sharing the Gospel - nothing more and nothing less - as it will most likely fit like a puzzle piece and sync up with what’s been shared by others, or with what will be shared by others, in that person's life. 


Once in college I was led to speak to a woman after class one evening. Actually I was led the very first day of class and had procrastinating the idea until the very last evening for the class. She was a beautifully made, highly sophisticated, woman who always was dressed to the nine’s with heels, earrings, dresses, make-up - the works. On the other hand, I was lucky to have had a clean t-shirt, untorn blue jeans, and worn out flip-flops. So there was a load of differences between us. 

That night I didn’t know what to say. I walked her to her car, all the while my heart thumping, wondering what the Lord wanted her to hear. We got to her Pontiac Trans-Amand it was awkward, I mean really awkward, to say the least. I think she thought I wanted to pick up on her but God had a blessing for her instead. It went something like this:

“So I am a Christian.” 

“That’s nice.”

“And sometimes God uses Christians to talk to people about stuff, ya know?”

“So you think you have something for me?”

“I think so. Yes.”

“What is it?”

I froze.

What was it? 

“I’m, waiting.”

I took a deep breath. Deep in my heart the Lord reminded me of something I, too, had experienced. Could it be this was a prophetic word for her as well. I risked it.

“I believe Jesus wants you to know that he loves you. And that your aborted baby forgives you.”

Did I just say that? Her 'aborted baby forgives her?'

That's when it got really awkward. She glared deeply into my face. Her looks could have killed. Then, in a curious twist of events, sighed heavily, placed her books on the hood of her car, and stared down into the parking lot. Her face began to soften. A good sign.  

“What do you think?” I asked curiously. “Does that make sense?”

“You know it’s funny.” She said, still looking down. “Last week another man, like you, came up to me and said he was a Christian, too. And he said the very same thing you told me.”

"The same thing? About your baby forgiving you."

"Yes." She sought to clear the tear from her eyes.

“Wow.” I was both relieved and awed. My work was done. I backed away from her and smiled with joy. “Well, sister, it sounds like God is trying to tell you something.” I turned and disappeared into the darkness. 


Witnessing is much broader than sharing the message of salvation. It is a prophetic labeling, or defining, what God is doing around those in those around us. That woman may have been a believer or not. Little matter. God met her where she was in her journey to heaven. 

Love is key. Finally, let it be known that your finest Christian witness will be when others see God's Love in you, towards them. Do you love the person you’re sharing Jesus with? Or, to you he or she just another face, a number, a quota to reach? Are you sharing God because you're obligated from the Great Commission, or because you love others and want the best for them?

A person may be blessed with great boldness, great prophetic insight, superior gifts of teaching, tongues, and  hospitality but, as Larry Norman sang (and as 1 Corinthians 13 testifies), it's all about the Love.

You can be a righteous rocker, you can be a holy roller

You could be most anything

You could be a Leon Russell, or a super muscle

You could be a corporate king

You could be a wealthy man from Texas, or a witch with heavy hexes

But without love, you ain't nothing without love

Without love you ain't nothing, without love

You could be a brilliant surgeon, or a sweet young virgin

Or a harlot out to sell

You could learn to play the blues, or be Howard Hughes

Or the scarlet pimpernel

Or you could be a French provincial midwife

Or go from door to door with a death-knife

But without love you ain't nothing, without love

Without love you ain't nothing, without love

You could be a woman feeler, or a baby stealer

You could drink your life away

Or you could be a holy prophet, get a blessing off it

Or you could fast for fifty days

You could shake hands with the devil, or give your life to God on the level

But without love you ain't nothing, without love

Without love you ain't nothing, without love

 “Without love you ain’t nothing without love. Without love rou ain’t nothing without love.”


Forgive me and fill me precious Lord to be that light on the hill, that I would bring others to dance with me at the foot of the Cross. Amen.

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