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PT1: Faith for Lay Guys_Intro

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

I’ve often heard it said that if you have faith the size of a mustard seed you can move mountains. The mountain Jesus was referring to may have been a mountain palace built by King Herod back in the day. If true, Jesus was essentially saying the power in you is greater than the political power represented by the Roman empire and her culture.

Can’t speak to that directly. But faith is an essential ingredient in the life of a Christian. We know that God lives and operates in the real (area, space, mindset, action of risky behavior), and that anything of any lasting value that happens (from healings to salvation to relationship with him and so on down the line) happens within the realm of “faith.”

I travel around a bit. And most recently I have heard this reoccurring theme of faith popping up all over New England. Doesn’t matter the denomination, the church, or theological belief. Faith seems to be a kyros word that God is speaking to his people at this time and in this season.

God had real rationale behind everything he does. There IS a method to his madness. I can’t tell you WHY he is raising the faith level of his saints in this part of the country, but I CAN tell you that he is. He is inviting us into a deeper level of faith so that we will be able to match that which he’s about to loose on us. Revival? Mass conversion? Or perhaps just an increase in witness (through proclamation, transparency, miracles to the yet-to-be saved) to those around us.

So I’d like to explore it a little further with you.

Over the course of three or teaching BLOGS I’ll be sharing a few thoughts around the issue the idea of faith. It’s not gonna be heady, that’s why I’m calling it Faith for Lay Guys. By the end of it I hope that you will not only recognize the invitation to expand your Faith Horizon and move into a new realm of faith (riskier than where you are today) but also be empowered to move into it, sense it all around you, and work your entire life around it.

“Increase my faith,” was the cry of one man to Jesus. May that cry become ours as we seek to peer into the new horizons for faith for lay guys.

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