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Have you ever yearned to wander through the hills of Galilee, through the dusty villages of Jericho or Bethlehem, swim in the Dead Sea, or get lost in the ageless maze of the Old City, Jerusalem?


These are devotional trips, trips wherein we expect to be impacted by the Spirit of God. We read Scriptures, have daily readings, sing praise and worship, and even do ministry along the way.

Every trip is unique and completely customized to meet your desires (with some of my favorite out-of-the-way places thrown into the mix for fun). And, with award winning Ker and Downey as my "go to" for travel arrangements, we work with local guides who know the land and love the Lord, always with an eye for our personal safety.

If you'd like to talk about places, pricing, and possibilities for your church or faith community, drop me a line off the Contact page.

Shalom in Jesus,


ISRAEL: Dan to Beersheba III


Sunrise on the Galilee

Dan to Beersheba III, 2022

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