The Watermelon Gospel

A Young Hippie's Ride to the Shores of Surrender

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The candid and oftentimes hilarious adventures of The Rev. Bill Blomquist and how he came into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It's a fast-paced, snapshot-like biography, a sensitive mix of laugh out loud scenarios and soberingly poignant moments.


Written in a free-form, endearing style, Bill shares his life candidly, oftentimes in a raw earthy manner which does all the more to make The Watermelon Gospel a compelling read.


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Meet Me in the Desert

A Series of  Teaching, Devotions, and Commentary on the Tabernacle of Moses.

The Tabernacle of Moses was the first temple of worship God chose to build and dwell in since Eden. 

In this book Bill shares a bit of history, devotion, commentary on the temple and shares ways wherein the tabernacle can be used as a devotion, forecaster of growth, and a discernment of calling in the Body of Christ.


A Companion booklet is also available below. After reading this book you will never see Sunday mornings liturgy, nor your role in the Church the same!


The Elephant and the Net

A curious fable of what happens when all is not what we think it is.

An easy to read tale of a young boy's effort to harness an elephant, and it's repercussions throughout time and space.

Light-hearted and poignant, The Elephant and the Net provides a reflective springboard for individual or group discussion.