ISRAEL: The Life and World of Jesus

We will trace the life of Jesus from his home in Galilee to Jerusalem, giving particular attention to the First Century Jewish context in which Jesus lived. Our goal is a better understanding of Jesus' ministry and a better application of His teachings for us today.


March 19 - 30, 2023

The Life and World of Jesus  |  A Shoresh Study Tour


This particular tour is exciting for a number of reasons. It is a true study tour - bibles open, notes taken. It is also a Biblically solid tour. While traditions and "myths" may be tempting, our emphasis will be on Biblical history and proven historical sites. This is a physically challenging tour, with 15K to 20K steps per day. Finally, this is a "rubber meets the road" tour. Our on the ground guides are seasoned, respected in the country, and know off-the-beaten-tracks and places which may prove to be more authentic than what other tourists and pilgrims experience. 

The Shoresh tours are Committed to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and the people of Israel, and represent in word and deed, the love of Jesus among the peoples of the Israel.  

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A Cistern at Masada

Lovely video of Israel

Video of 2022 Tour