Enjoy this eclectic collection of original short stories, devotional readings, and retreat/discussion manuals.

The Watermelon Gospel

A young hippie's ride to the shores of surrender.


Spiritual Gifts

A fresh look at super saints, tongues, and the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

(Retreat Manual | Discussion Guide)


A whimsical fantasy linking this world to another.

(Short fiction)

The Presence of God

A teaching handbook for those learning to pray for the sick.

(Retreat Manual | Discussion Guide)

The Carnival

An old man expresses frustration to his disciple about the magic of the Real Deal an how nobody gets it.

(Short fiction)

Tobi's Big Catch

A magical day for a little boy who's catch made it big

(Short fiction)

Meet Me in the Desert

An easy to read book taking the reader from one end of the Tabernacle of Moses to the other.

(Retreat Guide | Devotional)

Through the Temple

A compact booklet taking the reader through the Tabernacle of Moses in a week.